Sunday, January 27, 2013


Armenian Army turns 21today!!!

My brother's in the army now, so I am really excited today as a real army sister.Today's my brother's day,so congratulations my dear, let the time pass quickly and come back home my #1 soldier! 

Cakes featuring good mood and celebration! Today we are celebrating, today we are having fun, today we are honoring all who served - thank you for your loyalty and dedication!!!

On January 28, 1992, the Government of Armenia made a historic decree on the “Ministry of Defense of Armenia”, which legally heralded the formation of the National Army of Armenia. In May 1992, the Ministry of Defense started the first recruitment throughout Armenia, establishing the tradition of staffing the army with conscripts. Before this, the irregular army fighting in Karabakh was made up of volunteers.

Armenia started celebrating Army Day with greater solemnity since 2007, on the 15th anniversary of the formation of Armenia’s Armed Forces. A few songs about the army were written in that year and taught even at kindergartens, where children sometimes do their morning exercises listening to these songs. 

Prayers and words of gratitude will be delivered today in chapels of military units and churches near military units. 

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