Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fashion Gone Wild(The spirit of Spirithoods)

A few months ago, when I was walking in Yerevan streets  window-shopping and having fun wearing some crazy stuff at the shops I happened to notice a cute thing in "River Ireland" which I first couldn't even identify clearly.When I wore it I was like a little funny bear with little cute ears:) 

That was something. After a while, strolling around the internet I found out that those cute things are called SPIRITHOODS, and are considered to be one of the weirdest fashion accessories ever!!
"Like a pheromone that you wear on your head" is the description offered by 33-year-old Ashley Haber, one of the four young men who design and sell these Spirit Hoods. In addition to wolf, they come in owl, leopard, bear and panda. They're weird, but against all odds, they have caught on.
How does this happen? How does something utterly bizarre become popular, and how do four 20- and 30-something men with little knowledge of the fashion industry become kings of a fashion niche? The answers reveal something about fashion and marketing — and the zaniness of L.A.

Spirit Hoods are the work of four men: Haber,Alex MendelukChase Hamilton and Marley Marotta. But the idea for the first hood was Mendeluk's. He is a free-spirited, creative guy who says he always wanted to be a wolf (and who has been known to howl at women at parties).So as a Christmas present for Hamilton, Mendeluk made the first Spirit Hood. "What is this?" Hamilton's girlfriend asked, with disdain.Hamilton wore the hood to a bar, where guys called him "fag" and tried to fight him. "Let's do it," said Hamilton, pulling off his jacket (but not the furry hood). But for every guy who wanted to beat him up, there was another who wanted to be just like him.Shortly thereafter, in 2009, Marotta sewed a prototype. Within a month, they took the hoods to a trade show in Vegas, where one of the show organizers asked: "Do you have your price points and your line sheets?""Yes, absolutely," Mendeluk said in the grand tradition of faking it until you make it. Then he whispered to Marotta, "Marley, what's a line sheet?"For Mendeluk, the trade show marked the "Shit, this is real!" moment. He and the other boys ran around the convention hall wearing the hoods. They bit people. They howled. They played.And retailers placed orders for the hoods.So Mendeluk and Marotta called Hamilton, the business-minded member of the pack. They wanted startup money. "Dude," they said, "we need $10,000."Soon the hoods were in production.
And the spirithoods began to be popular among the celebrities as well.  
Kim Kardashian

Chloe Kardashian
Jessie J
Vanessa Hudgens       

Regarding me, I got mine, a sweet polar bear spirithood, as a New Year's present. 


Cute ain't it! 

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