Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Scent of My Addiction

I’m hopelessly obsessed with perfumes! That’s just something I can’t fight ,I don’t want to fight  and  I won’t fight,like EVER!!!
My  obsession – my life!
Going back to the roots , I close my eyes and get my vision on my mom’s  chest of  drawers. I clearly remember the sweet pieces of my childhood, when I used to stand  in front of the huge collection of my mom’s perfumes and deep into the  euphoric  fragrance...

Chanel…Dior…Givenchy… That’s when I started to discover  the beautiful and attractive world of  Perfume , names of  fashion houses that  I’ve been  walking  with  through my life up until now.
When people ask me about my first perfume, that question takes me back to the day, when I was home alone, ten plus something year old child playing with mom’s perfumes. At that day I spilt one of mom's favorites all over the chest of drawers.
I’m not gonna tell you what happened afterwards when she came back, I’ll just state the fact that the perfect  scent  fulfilled all the rooms of our flat for weeks. My cheeks, my hands, my hair, my clothes had that beautiful fragrance on for so long that I can’t even tell. I sometimes feel it when I go back to that days…Visiting us was such a great pleasure for our guests, each of them was just taking their own “piece” away with them.
‘Magie Noir’, meaning Black Magic by parfumer- alchemist Gerard Goupy… here’s the name of my first perfume, a fragrance that opened the door of lifelong addiction!
Magie Noire was created in 1978, and several perfumers are responsible for it, including GĂ©rard Goupy, Jean-Charles Niel and Yves Tanguy. The tone of the composition is set from the first accord and the first sensation as it seeps into the skin. Resinous, bitter, green notes of blackcurrant buds and galbanum that are a hair away from turning sulfuric lend Magie Noire its first dark layer, against which citrus, aldehydes and crisp lily of the valley notes seem like delicate sparkling embellishments. Magie Noire is built through the fusion of an oriental accord (amber, tobacco, musk) and a chypre (moss, patchouli, rose.) One is heavy, opulent, decadently rich; the other is moody, earthy, and dry. The tension between the sensations that they produce is what gives Magie Noire its sustained illusion of something that is yet to happen.
Over time, the fragrance settles into a rich, animalic composition, where honeyed-musky notes of castoreum, sweet-plush accents of musk (no crisp, sheer white musks here!) and the sensual breath of civet are balanced by the indolic sweetness of tuberose and ylang ylang, on the one hand, and austere dryness of woods, on the other. The green character that was obvious at the outset remains apparent, and it keeps Magie Noire from settling into the heavy-lidded languor of a typical oriental. Magie Noire is not interested in being likable or in pleasing anyone in particular. It simply projects a powerful aura of confidence and strength,and this is what makes it so special!

Over the years I've found myself becoming more and more "nosy", enjoying the smells of my favorite perfumes or looking forward to trying new ones which were slowly getting on their way to being another favorites. I am , of course,  in love with perfume enough to always own a few bottles and follow new releases and I know this will last for decades.

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