Monday, January 21, 2013

The season favorite "ZARA" Black

Usually, the change in season brings the old favorite fragrances back into rotation awakening  some sweet memories.
This time I didn't go back. Just in time for winter I got a present from Dubai, a really good perfume that replenished my supply for the season.

Zara Black for women is really the one that is worth wearing in this cold season,although  I must admit that the perfume range has to be one of  Zara's little gems which often goes unnoticed.
As for me it's a nice winter perfume, warm and musky, that brings me the comfort I need in this cold weather.
It's a great evening scent, beautiful, delicate yet womanly fragrance and it also lasts quite a long time before the smell wears off.
The top note is orange; middle note is cinnamon; base notes are vanilla and musk.

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