Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A ride through the CITY :)

 I've been inventing my own customs since before I can remember. One of my very favorite tradition is taking a walk in a supermarket. 
This time I chose Yerevan City, a place  where I can get all the stuff I need first, and pass a really good time:)

That's just so funny. I always find time to fool around in shops, enjoying myself , getting some stuff ,watching people and listening to upbeat music that happens to be good sometimes.

I religiously go to supermarkets when I want to keep my self from getting bored, that fills me with so much positive energy )))

My no1 Custom: Wanna take a walk? see people? see interesting things that may fuel your mind up with new ideas? Go ahead, the supermarket is waiting for ya!!hahahaha:)

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