Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Meriko's cake!

Wanna get my recipe?
Simple!!! Yummy!!! Sweet!!!

Let's get started!

Dough                                                                            Yogurt Creme 
4eggs                                                                               250 grams of yogurt(8%)
1cup of sugar                      X 2                                  250ml  whipped cream 
1cup of flour                                                                Cream colors
1pack vanilla sugar                                                  Sugar powder

Beat alternately the egg whites,sugar,egg yolks and vanilla until light and fluffy.Add and stir the flour into the mixture little by little. 
Spread the mixture into the preheated pan. Put on a low fire and wait for at least 25 mins.

In a big bowl mix all the cream ingredients and put into the fridge for at least 10mins.

So, now we got the cake dough, we got the creme, I also put banana inside..mmm,nomnomnom. 
Let's put the cake together.

Here's how I made it, for my sweet little nephew..

Bon appetit!!!

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