Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Burger Evening

I can hardly  remember the last time I ate a burger. It was long-long ago. Two maybe more years ago I went to a fast-food rest with one of my dearest friends for a burger lunch. 
This wednesday evening became one of the days when I got hunger for something tasty, "meaty" and spicy. 

Driving around Yerevan streets , trying to find a place where I could EAT I happened to notice TMS Burger. A place I heard some positive reviews about. 

I decided to try a really appetizing , BIG and nourishing taste of a real burger. 
Here's what I'll say - this place is really worth going. The staff here is warm and helpful, the burger is big and tasty, the meat is beyond perfect.

I enjoyed every minute of eating my chicken burger on our way back home, though I couldn't finish it- it was too big for me :)  

I liked everything about this place - from top to bottom.
TMS rocks, thank you guys, I'll Be Back :D

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