Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Revealing my Cosmo gift bag

It's always such a pleasure to get presents unexpectedly...:)

This time Cosmopolitan magazine surprised me with a gift which I was really happy to get.
Cosmo made presents for the active audience of the magazine on it's 2nd anniversary and I appeared to be among them :) 
So I went to the editorial to grab mine yesterday.

Let's reveal my gift bag and see what i got :)

Oriflame beauty products catalogue                       Oriflame hand cream "Love is in  
                                                                                                                        the air..."
    JouJou bijou (3000AMD)gift card

    Aroma soap from Savonry Salon-shop of cosmetics

    And of course Cho-co-lateeeeee)))) from my favorite Gourmet Dourme

Happy birthday to you dear Cosmo!!!
Thanks :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thank you...

"Thank  you...", two  words  that  are  sometimes  considered  useless...
We  always  run  run  run,  go  do  our  things, no  one  cares  about  being   grateful  for  having  all  that  we  have, and  for   being   able  to  do  what  we  do....
Dear  God, today  I  want  to  thank  You  for  this  beautiful  day...
I  want to  thank  You  for  the  air  I  have  for  breathing.... for  mum's  soft  voice   waking  me  up  in  the  morning,  for  his  laugh,  the  warmth  of   his hand  in  mine, for  my  enthusiastic  heartbeats  from  dawn  to  dusk....
Thank  You, God,  because  You  give  us  a  chance  for  better   life  every  day, every minute..
You  lead  as  when  we  lose  our  way, You  keep  giving  us  strength  even  when we  think  we  have  none  at  all, You  listen  to  our  prayers, You  help  us  get closer  to  our   wishes, You  never  let  us  down, and  if   You  bring  me  to  it , I know  You  will  bring  me  through  it..
Thank  You, for helping  me  realize  that  we   should  be  grateful  all  the  time, we  should  not  pray  only  when  we  need  help..
I  know  we  should  love  this  life  and  everything  in  it...
Thank  You....

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Catch me...

I actually was thinking of refreshing my perfume box with something new, not to break the spring welcoming traditions and there it is. I got a new perfume..

"Catch me" from Cacharel
I like the feeling of freshness it gives me every time I wear it. Regarding the season stuff, I guess I'll prefer wearing it in summer time rather than in spring, though I have to admit that it perfectly fits this semi-windy,semi-warm weather as well.

It starts off bright and cheerful!, a bit sharp maybe but then the scent amplifies in a good way! And the almond milk comes in making the orange blossom more subdued.

This fragrance was introduced in 2012. I't is classified as Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance. Scent notes of Catch me Cacharel unclude top notes of Mandarin Orange, Petit Grain, middle notes of Jasmine, Orange Blossom and base notes of Amber, Almond, Woodsy Notes.
This fragrance composition is a creation of  Dominique  Ropion. The bottle is a design by Patrick Veillet.

The story ...

A garden fairy at night... with contenders running after her... 

Who is she to make them all turn their heads ... Playful, seductive and bubbly. Challenging and daring, she leads them into a game of seduction; she challenges them to an endless chase. Will they accept the challenge? 

The perfume vial is like a piece of Jewelry. Representing the sparkling fanciful contrasts with the calm waves of the bottle, with swirling curves, as if she seems to escape them endlessly, Catch Me! Finally, is full of surprises the vial has two standing positions: upright or tilted. 


Like a spell... Catch Me fragrance composition is young challenging, lively and cocky with zest citruses and gourmand flavors. The composition opens with sparkling notes of Italian mandarin and petit grain. The heart is dominated by heady orange blossom from Morocco blended with notes of Italian jasmine laid on the soft base of almond milk, amber and woody notes. 


Spring is in !

 I can feel the fresh and joyful breath of spring in the air.
My mind goes in a thousand directions leading me to the sweetest castle of my dreams and wishes.
The beautiful awakening of the Mother  nature cannot leave us impassive. The sun appearing sooner in the morning sky, the blossoms on the trees, the colors of all those beautiful flowers, the birdie songs, the love in the eyes passing me by, the heart beating faster getting warmer and kinder...
The Spring's in, bringing a lot of joy and happiness, packing beautiful moments for memoirs...

March 8th - The international women's day, what can be better, huh?

This must be one of  the most pleasant days for all the women in the world. We all get compliments and good wishes(more than usually), presents and a heart full of positive emotions.
Wanna get a look at my present? Here you go :)

I celebrated this beautiful day quite good. (in spite of some disturbing health problems,which I do not want to talk about)

...presents for the one's I love and admire...

My beautiful spring goes on....

Coming back to work after being a bit ill a thought comes to my mind, that I really like my job and I'm so happy to wake up with a feeling that my workplace's waiting for me:)
Getting back home after working day I,sometimes, want to make my mom happy with little things I do,this time in spite of feeling really tired and exhausted, I've put my worn-out smile on my face a made a beautiful and yummy cake for us.

The spring's still going...I hope those pretty days are waiting for their turn to come into my life, filling it with more creativity, positive energy , interesting stuff and happy moments...