Monday, May 13, 2013


I  finally  made-up  my  mind  to  dye  my  hair)))
That's a  HUGE  decision  for  me, cuz   I've   been  thinking  about   Ombre  since  before  I  can remember, and  that  style of   hair-dying   was   not  that  popular  among  girls.
Now I  see  "ombre-girls"  almost everywhere  and that  makes me really nervous  and disappointed, but  one  thing  that  makes me feel happy, is that  all I happened to notice  is  - sorry - "fucked up hair")))) mostly..
That's  why  I still have hope that when I dye my hair I won't be like everyone))) But on the other hand, what if the hair saloons and the professionals are not able to do it in appropriate way?huh? 
God, please, let my hair stylist be good, pleassseeeeeee....
 I've already made an arrangement with my stylist for dying my hair next month) 
So what's done is done))) And soon, when I have ombre hair I'll be like "Well, what's done can't be undone", hahahahahahaha...:D
I just hope, I'll say this with a smile on my face not tears on my eyes)))

So now, let's just check the photos of Ombre hair out, that inspire me a lot!


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