Wednesday, September 11, 2013

50 years of togetherness!!!

                     Oh my God!!!

That's a really  big happiness to be present on that lucky and sweet event when your loving grandparents celebrate  50th anniversary of their wedding -The Golden Wedding.

So what can be better than planning a beautiful party along with my relatives?

Mendelssohn's Wedding March accompanied with sparkling champagne,wishes and,of course, a kiss for the bride.

The celebration went in a really joyful 
The cake I made with so much love 
was so tasty that some of us went to the second round...

I could see the light  in my grandparents' eyes through the sparkling crackers and dancing bodies.

That was the light of  the loving years,memories they went through hand in hand-overcoming,struggling,building their castle of great,endless, precious love...

Dear grandma and grandpa, I wish you healthy, light  and  worriless  years of life!

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