Monday, November 4, 2013

New dress's on her way

I'm pretty excited about this Black Victoria Beckham collection peplum dress.
What I like most about the design, is that it's pretty figure flattering and elegant.

This dress must be adding and hiding features women aren't very comfortable with.

What I know exactly for this dress is that it's UBER CHIC!!!

Now let's see who wore it and moreover -try  considering who wore it better!

Blake Lively - here's my answer. I fell in love with this beautiful dress just seeing it on sweet Blake.
 The first thought that came into my mind was: I want to wear this!
So now, I'm just on my way of getting it tailored for myself.

What I'm quite excited about is the color that I've chosen for it - RED!!!
Energizing,positive,warm,passionate and hot!!! Hopefully this dress in red should be really impressive - exciting emotions.

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