Friday, February 7, 2014

My post on "MissDukascopy2014"

I don't even know why I've decided to take part in this contest..Actually I'm 99% sure I'm not gonna win))Anyway,this is one of those moments,when participating is not less important than winning..Anyway..After uploading some photos I've just started completing the tasks..One of them is writing something like "tell us about yourself"..

So here's my story ...

Well.. I can't even decide how to start a story about my own self.Seems like it's not hard but,actually it is!
I guess the first thing what I'd like all of you-readers to know,is I'm exploring myself every single day just the way I explore everything new and undisclosed in this world.I am a mystery.We all are...
Waking up every morning I start thinking of how beautiful this life is and what is the exact reason of me living it..I mean human beings-we are meant to be here for some reason..
Lately,I've been thinking about the possibility to stop the warships and aggressive acts that seem to increase..People kill each other just because of NOTHING! It's nothing if have a deeper look..Why should we be so evil against each other?Why shouldn't we just mind our own our own life..?? When you start thinking about those things, you just take a simple look at how you treat you feel about you accept their behavior- good or bad,no matter..That's when you understand,that before everything else,you just have to change what's inside..If you get nervous just because your neighbor talks too much,than try to help it somehow..Ignore the bad emotions and negativity that comes to you..Try to find out where is it all coming from and just close it .. Shut that door and let it go. Be kind to others..Try..Maybe you'll succeed in changing your own feelings..and maybe that'd bring you to something better..A better life..better things happening in it..
I'm a strong personality.Here's what I know exactly about myself.I'll never hurt people,never ever..What I do,is always walking in someone else's shoes..Doing my best not to be rude or impolite.. I know for sure,the reason people enjoy me being around them is because I'm simple..just as I am..I never fake myself..never wear masks or say things I don't really mean. I have it all that's why I appreciate it in others..
I try to be patient..I work for it..Sometimes it's hard..sometimes it's painful..but that's life..Maybe that and millions of other good qualities in person would come to help prevent all the BAD happening these days.. We all should become better not worse.. Because giving freedom to the bad side we kill everything good existing..We become what we actually are not..We lose what we've already worked for..Start not to care..and here's the END..It comes just like this.. And when we look around just then we ask "Why?".. "Why should these all happen?".. Here's why..because You..because me..and because everyone else didn't change anything..That's why..
So here's who I am.. I'm a believer..I'm the one who believes in good and hopes for the better!! I'm the one who will give a helping hand if needed..Who will understand and accept facts that lots of you just don't..
I am who I am.. And I just want peace for us all!!! I want to live my life the way I want to..And I want you to live your life without comparing it to mine or to someone else's..Be simple..Life's not a race..not a competition..If you live like that you're gonna miss the best that it has.. 
Anyway..for those of you..who still wants a bit more of me as a person.. I'm Mary from ARMENIA.. A little piece on Earth that went through a lot of struggle(..went through genocide..But we're here..we've survived because that was meant to be, because we are a good nation!!)..
I have what I want..yes I do,because I mostly want what I already have..I appreciate all the good and accept all the bad in my life..I live evaluating every moment of every day..Live for today..hope for tomorrow..I love waking up on Sundays..and I love falling asleep listening to the music I'm into..I love my eyes..they see all the beauty that is around..they give hope to the ones that ask for it..and they give love to the ones who deserve..I'm into fashion..I love being aware of the latest trends and get what's truly mine.. I love honesty.. I ignore lies and people who use them a lot.. I love eating yummylicious sushi..Italian cuisine and mommy's "pakhlava"(that's an Armenian traditional pastry). I love my parents .. my family...I love my friends.. And I love those of you who found reading this interesting and who'll vote for me..haha..
That's all I guess!!!
Thanks a lot..
Mary Petrosyan

P.S. For those of you who'd like to vote for me or just participate in this contest follow the link :

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