Wednesday, February 12, 2014

One Amazing Week Without Makeup

  A week without makeup may seem rather rash, but it can be incredibly useful in answering questions about the condition of your skin. If you have breakouts, redness, irritation or just clogged pores and a ruddy appearance, an easy solution may be there. It could be caused by ingredients in your makeup.
Do some detective work: Completely going without makeup for one week will tell you if your makeup is causing any problems on the surface of your skin. If your skin improves, it is time to create a beauty calendar! “Each week, add one makeup product back into your regime. If after one week your skin looks good, add another and so on and so on,”
Clear up problem skin: Going without makeup for a week, or even just over the weekend, can help to decrease acne breakouts and open up your pores. “Avoiding occlusive skincare products, such as liquid foundations that tend to clog pores, can also reduce unwanted, non-acne skin breakouts,”, board-certified dermatologist and skin care expert. A word of caution to the  acne-prone: Look for products with “non-comedogenic” on the label to reduce the blackhead and whitehead breakouts.
Irritated eyelids: That can come from a mascara, pink or red eyeshadow, or shimmer eyeshadow. The the overuse of Retin-A can cause that, too. Try giving your eyes a break from these products and see if there’s a difference after a few days.
 Let your skin breathe: Think of treating yourself to a no-makeup experience that treats your skin and makes you look great, too. Also, take this opportunity to go to the sauna or steam room. “Since you will not be wearing powders or foundations, your skin pores can breath and be happy. At night, sleep with a great, thick moisturizer so that when you awaken, your skin glows and is no longer thirsty but nourished,”
Reset your face: “Women who cover up too much with makeup are covering more than their exterior,”  “Freshness, innocence, and youth, all things natural, come from a clean, exposed exterior. There is a feeling of safety, trust, and camaraderie with a clean-faced woman and that is what we define as beautiful.”

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