Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Strawberry Shots..

Interesting,beutiful and creative, ain't it?

This cuttielicious strawberry shots are going to rule your party..Can't wait to explore step-by-step recipe for this. So let's get started.
st 2 
We're gonna need - Jello,tequilla,Cointreau,water,lime and strawberries...
st 3
Cut the tops of the strawberries ....
st 4
Make sure you go straight with the line))))))))
st 6
Cut a bit from the bottom of the strawberry to let it stand ...
st 7
Just like that :)
st 8
Dig a little hole in it...
st 10
You're gonna get this kind of  strawberry-cup))
st 11
Let them rest a bit... :D
st 12
Make a simple jello..as u usually do..
st 13
Pour a bit tequila in a spoon or little glass...
st 14 
add 3/4 cointreau...and pour the mixture into the water..
st 15
Add the alcohol mixture into the jello
st 16
pour the mixture into little strawberry holes...
st 17
put into the fridge for jello to get rubbery...
st 18
Meanwhile mix the lemon zest with sugar..
st 19
...cut the lime to decorate the strawberries...
st 21
Apply a little lime to outer side of the strawbie ..:)
st 22
...ans dip into the lime zest&sugar mixture..
st 23
That's it..Enjoy your pretty little strawberry shots my dears... ;)
st 1

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