Sunday, March 16, 2014


Good morning!!!
Positive beginning of the day is truly the best guaranty to spend the whole day in a good mood..
Let me share some of my tips about taking a really good start...
Here's the list of what I religiously do in the mornings..

  • I always start my mornings giving a warm smile to a new day..
  • Right after I get up,I drink a cup of water.. Having a glass of water when getting up is a really good idea, I think it has more to do with hydration than with just digestion. You need good hydration for your whole body to function properly, including your digestive system. If you don’t get enough fluids, the first organ to suffer will be your skin (dry, itchy skin) so when that happens, make sure to drink more. Imagine not drinking any water, tea, or any other liquids for the next eight hours.Well, that’s essentially what you do while you sleep. While you sleep, your body slowly becomes dehydrated because it needs fluid to operate. Naturally, you don’t drink water while you sleep because, well, you’re sleeping!

       Here are five solid reasons to drink a big glass of water right when you wake up.
    • It fires up your metabolism. Drinking a large, cool glass of water after you wake up has been shown to fire up your metabolism by a whopping 24% for 90 minutes!
    • You’re dehydrated when you wake up. You just went 7-8 hours without drinking any water! Even if your body isn’t telling you that it’s thirsty, it probably is.
    • Water helps your body flush out toxins. “Your kidneys do an amazing job of cleansing and ridding your body of toxins as long as your intake of fluids is adequate”, according to Kenneth Ellner, an Atlanta-based dermatologist. Getting fluids into your body right after your wake up will help your body flush out toxins first thing in the morning.
    • Your brain tissue is 75% water. When you’re not properly hydrated, your brain operates on less fuel, and you can feel drained, or experience fatigue or mood fluctuations.
    • You’ll eat less. One study showed that people who drink a glass of water before every meal lost 4.5 pounds over a three-month period, because “it fills up the stomach with a substance that has zero calories”, and people “feel full as a result”. Especially after I’ve eaten a big breakfast, drinking a lot of water in the morning has also helped me avoid the temptation of snacking before lunch.
    Your body is 72% water, and you don’t have enough water in you when you wake up. Drinking a big glass of water first thing in the morning is a great way to rehydrate, and start kicking ass from the moment you wake up.
  • Take your time to do morning exercises every day..
It really keeps you energized all day long.Personally I feel dramatically different on days when I have and haven't exercised in the morning.This also "jump starts" your metabolism and keeps it elevated for hours.That means you're burning more calories all day long.. and that's a plus))Another benefit of being a morning exerciser is that exercising increases your productivity and gets your endorphins going. You will be more awake and ready to tackle your day by giving yourself that extra energy boost. Working out can increase your mental clarity for four to 10 hours post-exercise.Here're just the simple exercises to start your day with every morning:


  • Never skip breakfast..

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Not only does it give you energy to start a new day, but breakfast is linked to many health benefits, including weight control and improved performance. 
Studies show that eating a healthy breakfast can help give you:
  • A more nutritionally complete diet, higher in nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • Improved concentration and performance in the classroom or the boardroom
  • More strength and endurance to engage in physical activity
  • Lower cholesterol levels
All you need is just to make a simple toast+jam combination,or just eat any fruit,drink a cup of smoothie.Yogurt,oatmeal,tea,honey are just those health friendly meals that you can afford every day.
  • Music...When you start your day with beautiful motivating music,nothing and no one can make you sad.

These are just the simple steps

 I take every single day for a 

morning boost and effective

 start of the day..

Go ahead,start your days with 

a positive attitude..

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