Thursday, September 11, 2014

If I were a boy.......

Boys... They always need it all - care,loving, space,understanding,respect....... 
Hey!!!! What about us?? Girls..Who said we're always about to give, to show concern,to be there when you need?....Who said??? Things are not going this way guys

So now, just take your seats, clear you minds and concentrate at what's right about being a REAL MAN!!!

I actually never understand those, who act like a boss. Easy man, easy...It's not a's just our life and you need to be sure you're not messing things up, as most do.

Be easy...Never take too much if you can't handle. It's not about impressing your's about being who you truly are - that's the most powerful impression you can make!

Never hurt!! Actually you hurt girls too much, even without realizing..So when it comes to hurting by purpose think twice, because they really bear too much..Their tolerance is boundless..though it doesn't mean you should take them to the limits..NO!!

Be sure you are attentive enough..That's really important..A girl always pays attention at what you notice in others, and want to accept more when it comes to her..Every single word can make a difference - positive or negative depends on what you exactly mean...

Never stop loving..Be a team..Don't cheat..Remember - thousands of girls out there, having sexy legs, deep beautiful eyes or blond hair..they all don't have what your girl does..She has your heart in hers...So think twice before comparing..chasing others..cheating..
You hurt yourself …

P.S. I'd definitely make it all right..  Oh my..I'd be perfect..haha..

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Should men always pay on a date....?

The question is clear, the answer is gonna be beyond simple "NO!!"

Men,as well as women should be really really generous..
If we're talking about a date,it brings us to a place, where everything is, or must be perfect. But, please,who can say that his/her date was as perfect as he/she wanted it to be.
Sometimes our expectations are far from reality. Beautiful dress,make-up,heels,smoking,clean shoes,watch..hmmm....

Ladies and gentleman,be simple..Well,yes, it's great when you both have a million dollar look, but what's more important, is where your date will bring you to..

So now,before going on with this, I just need to make things clear..We're talking about a real and SERIOUS date..I mean this is not a case of a cheap date,where they both, or at least one of them have a lot of dirty intentions in their minds.. We're talking about the date of two people that have some nice feelings towards each other, who get everything seriously..
This date,for sure, needs to be perfect.. Smiling faces, heartbeats ... air full of love and pure feelings...
So, now..after all this,please tell me,who the hell cares if a man pays on a date or not?
Well, yes,we-girls,do care a bit, because if this is our first date,or one of the firsts, then we need to understand who the men is, and every detail, every move is important..Here,I'd prefer a man to pay for me,so that I understand that he's generous,hehe)))
But if we go further,I mean if this is our number three hundred twenty fifth date, well then, I don't mind to pay as well.. This is another situation and here we both know each other very well for paying attention on such REALLY little things..
So girls, please be a little more tolerant with our GENTLEMEN)))

Try to see the real man,not the full pocket,or the flashing lights of the car, or the diamond rings and expensive presents...
See the person, who you really want to be with,in spite of everything))) Be true..and your life will be easier...

Barbie doll generation

Big booty, big bust...juicy lips, tiny little nose..Seriosuly??? Like who told you that this is just how it has to be?.

Most of the girls today are like sex-shop dolls(sorry for this)...

Why are you doing this guys?
Who told you, that having a really huge bust is attractive? Well, no it's not, it only attracts some "men" who look at those chedeuvres for a "certain reason" , with "certain intentions".
Don't be so cheap dear girls. Don't be a slave of the plastic surgery that will make you obsessed with your fake appearance and you'll want more and more over and over...
Having negative attitude towards this matter is because I don't like when girls are stared at as a machine,an empty doll, a sculpture, a THING...When they are not considered HUMAN beings ... That all is just so insulting for a normal ordinary girl, who wants to get some respect not only towards her own self, but also towards all the other girls living on this earth..
Don't make yourself someone who you are not..Don't try to attract men by the look..Let your inner beauty come out and shine on your face,making you unique and special as it's meant to be.
No, really...I mean, who cares about dozens of similar girls,that have the same parameters , the same faces, the same lips and noses? It's kind of funny.. Feels like there's a big factory producing this girls..OMG!!! Just stop...
But let's not forget about the exceptions..
I mean, if there's a girl, who gets really uncomfortable about her big and ugly nose..well, then..let her do surgery, fix the problem and feel good...
My negative point of view spreads only on the situations, when everything is just OVERDONE,OVERMADE,OVERSIZED!!!!

Anyway, whatever you chose,and however you decide to act, just remember, God created you the way you are, and he wants to see you like this, because you were made with love..And love can never be ugly..Inside , here's what's really important..Bring that out..Be yourself!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Okay ? ? ?

Dear all, for those of you, who think that this life's unfair towards you, that you shouldn't have gone through some pain or disappointment, please stop... take your time...
Girls, suffering for not having Iphone5S or a new dress by Dior... Boys, feeling pity that your car is just a Mercedes A class, not a Maserati, that someone else's girlfriend's got a beauty to die for...
okay...? :)
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Back to the EARTH ....

Summer is gone.. 

I know, I know, I shouldn't have started my speech like this - sad and desperate, but, hey, we all know, that to open a new, amazing page in our lives, we always need to close one.
It's been amazing, enjoying summer in every single day, living through beautiful sunny days, feeling the cool crystal drops of water deeping into the pool, sitting all night long and chatting with friends under the open sky, sightseeing, and just chilling...

It's all over, but we ain't gonna be sad, because we finally are back to our work, school or university, where our friends and all those cool adventures are waiting for us.
I just hope everyone of you, my dear readers, gained much positive energy during summer, to use it now.
Autumn is beautiful.. Actually, each of the seasons have some special meaning to all of us..

So let's just forget about post-holiday depressions and crazy stuff like that, and just feel good by what we do - whenever we do it.. Rain or snow, hot or cold.. We are meant to enjoy this life..

Welcome back everyone.. 
Love you.. xoxo