Sunday, September 7, 2014

Back to the EARTH ....

Summer is gone.. 

I know, I know, I shouldn't have started my speech like this - sad and desperate, but, hey, we all know, that to open a new, amazing page in our lives, we always need to close one.
It's been amazing, enjoying summer in every single day, living through beautiful sunny days, feeling the cool crystal drops of water deeping into the pool, sitting all night long and chatting with friends under the open sky, sightseeing, and just chilling...

It's all over, but we ain't gonna be sad, because we finally are back to our work, school or university, where our friends and all those cool adventures are waiting for us.
I just hope everyone of you, my dear readers, gained much positive energy during summer, to use it now.
Autumn is beautiful.. Actually, each of the seasons have some special meaning to all of us..

So let's just forget about post-holiday depressions and crazy stuff like that, and just feel good by what we do - whenever we do it.. Rain or snow, hot or cold.. We are meant to enjoy this life..

Welcome back everyone.. 
Love you.. xoxo

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