Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Barbie doll generation

Big booty, big bust...juicy lips, tiny little nose..Seriosuly??? Like who told you that this is just how it has to be?.

Most of the girls today are like sex-shop dolls(sorry for this)...

Why are you doing this guys?
Who told you, that having a really huge bust is attractive? Well, no it's not, it only attracts some "men" who look at those chedeuvres for a "certain reason" , with "certain intentions".
Don't be so cheap dear girls. Don't be a slave of the plastic surgery that will make you obsessed with your fake appearance and you'll want more and more over and over...
Having negative attitude towards this matter is because I don't like when girls are stared at as a machine,an empty doll, a sculpture, a THING...When they are not considered HUMAN beings ... That all is just so insulting for a normal ordinary girl, who wants to get some respect not only towards her own self, but also towards all the other girls living on this earth..
Don't make yourself someone who you are not..Don't try to attract men by the look..Let your inner beauty come out and shine on your face,making you unique and special as it's meant to be.
No, really...I mean, who cares about dozens of similar girls,that have the same parameters , the same faces, the same lips and noses? It's kind of funny.. Feels like there's a big factory producing this girls..OMG!!! Just stop...
But let's not forget about the exceptions..
I mean, if there's a girl, who gets really uncomfortable about her big and ugly nose..well, then..let her do surgery, fix the problem and feel good...
My negative point of view spreads only on the situations, when everything is just OVERDONE,OVERMADE,OVERSIZED!!!!

Anyway, whatever you chose,and however you decide to act, just remember, God created you the way you are, and he wants to see you like this, because you were made with love..And love can never be ugly..Inside , here's what's really important..Bring that out..Be yourself!!!!

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