Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Should men always pay on a date....?

The question is clear, the answer is gonna be beyond simple "NO!!"

Men,as well as women should be really really generous..
If we're talking about a date,it brings us to a place, where everything is, or must be perfect. But, please,who can say that his/her date was as perfect as he/she wanted it to be.
Sometimes our expectations are far from reality. Beautiful dress,make-up,heels,smoking,clean shoes,watch..hmmm....

Ladies and gentleman,be simple..Well,yes, it's great when you both have a million dollar look, but what's more important, is where your date will bring you to..

So now,before going on with this, I just need to make things clear..We're talking about a real and SERIOUS date..I mean this is not a case of a cheap date,where they both, or at least one of them have a lot of dirty intentions in their minds.. We're talking about the date of two people that have some nice feelings towards each other, who get everything seriously..
This date,for sure, needs to be perfect.. Smiling faces, heartbeats ... air full of love and pure feelings...
So, now..after all this,please tell me,who the hell cares if a man pays on a date or not?
Well, yes,we-girls,do care a bit, because if this is our first date,or one of the firsts, then we need to understand who the men is, and every detail, every move is important..Here,I'd prefer a man to pay for me,so that I understand that he's generous,hehe)))
But if we go further,I mean if this is our number three hundred twenty fifth date, well then, I don't mind to pay as well.. This is another situation and here we both know each other very well for paying attention on such REALLY little things..
So girls, please be a little more tolerant with our GENTLEMEN)))

Try to see the real man,not the full pocket,or the flashing lights of the car, or the diamond rings and expensive presents...
See the person, who you really want to be with,in spite of everything))) Be true..and your life will be easier...

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