Monday, April 29, 2013

Get accessorized:)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Birthday to the BEST brother in the world!!!

Dear David,
Happy Birthday to you!!!
It's really hard to express my love and dedication, and the sweetest wishes that I have for you.
You are the best brother in the world, the one with such a special character and gentle heart.
This is your first birthday you celebrate apart from us-your family and friends, because you're in the army, my dear soldier! I wish you the best of  luck, power to overcome all the difficulties you'll have on your way, strong health and will power.
I know you, I know the way you think the things you do and that's what always makes me proud of you, cuz I know you'll never do any wrong thing or hurt anyone without any reason, I know you're just and brave, and your decisions are always right and good!!!
Don't ever change...Your sister loves you very much :)

P.S. you think you'll celebrate your birthday with your soldier friends, receive presents cakes and yummy stuff from us..You don't even suspect, that just after a few hours  I'll be on my way to you!!! I'm coming to hug and congratulate you and see the shine in those surprised eyes, full of joy and happiness.

        Love you...miss you!!