Saturday, February 14, 2015

We get to choose the colors of Life we live in...

There are times when you just want to sit there and let all your inside become your body, controll everything, come out and cover your entire body...When you're awaken after a long while you find everything that seems to be the same  and not, at the same time.. the same room, the same reflection in the mirror, same view from the window ..friends..and yet... something has changed... How does the life go? All the wrongs and rights, all the little things that seem not to have importance became important .... all of a sudden... In this is life..everything counts, everything stands for building a huge change by just remaining the same. Dream life, that we all yearn for... what are YOU??? fortune? fancy clothes? luxury? 

...for me, YOU are simple - family, health, mother's soft voice waking me up every morning to enjoy my coffee.. I don't have to try hard for you, and for that I'm lucky.. 
Wrongs? Why do you happen? For knocking me down? Well, now-  know that you make me lucky...lucky for being who I am in these no-go, harsh  situations.. for being strong.. Actually you make me feel proud of my strong, resistant self. You help me create my history...
For now I know - one person should be brave enough to decide right here right now , what's good to do, what I want to do and what I'd love to do..decide, and go..No regrets,no limits.. Of course there's a chance to fail being understood, people may say that's just not right, that you aren't supposed to diverge from  the ordinary path that all take..

Well, the thing is... that I do not want to live like things, make decisions that actually are not even mine,they're common, someone once decided that this should happen to him and all the others followed his steps not realising that there may be another path,another ways..another reality.

What is that? The safest ever way of living? Well,I don't want to be safe in a deep hole,all depressed and put a blame on others for that..No,I will stand for my own decisions and be responsible for them.
Freedom, that's what I feel, what I want to feel and how I want to live..Being through lots of things that I'm not even ready to talk about made me understand - life needs to be lived..Risks need to be taken. I always leave people guessing about the things in my life,I don't talk about the bad sides, about the negatives, why? I chose to show everyone the light happy side of me, to inspire them,cuz being sad and depressed is boring, it never actually interest anyone.. The truth is - I'm human, just like you all are, but I try to always understand each and every one of you,put myself into your position, try not to hurt,be patient, that's who I am.What you see, Is what I choose to show you..
Yes, I wake up every morning, have my healthy breakfast, go out for fresh air, talk,lough work, inspire and come back to sleep. That's what you see, that's what I show. You don't actually need more..You see what you need to see...

I betrayed myself for such a long time, knowing what I want and just not letting myself do that, because fears,beliefs, opinions wouldn't let me!!!

Life is hard, but don't let it make you harsh,don't let it make you agressive, there's no one to put a blame on for having what you have! Never give up, do what you really want to do, life is a chance itself,so why wait? Challenge yourself, get drawn in what you could do with pleasure and not get tired...Find your true self and let the pure inspiration lead your way.