Thursday, May 30, 2013

Eat better, Feel better!!!

For those who really want to lose weight - start up with your head.
Only a good motivation and inner instructions will bring you to the final point.
I always say that whatever you do you should know a lot about it and be sure you don't harm your health.
For me, I think it's better to eat whatever you like in limited amounts thank just eat nothing, starve and kill yourself!


I never do so, a good diet plan, is a diet that consists of good vitamins and all necessary supplements for our body.
Starving is not a solution! The most effective way of losing weight and being healthy is avoiding junk food, which not only makes you fat, but, first of all makes you ill, harms your health...
Eating healthy - means choosing to be beautiful aside of being healthy.

So don't even think that when you eat natural yogurt and someone else eats a burger, he/she is more lucky. Even if that people don't gain weight visually, they gain  a whole lot of  bad stuff  in their body what  finally brings them to really unpleasant point!

So keep going - lead a healthy life, read a lot, be aware of what you eat and what you do!
Life's worth it!

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