Friday, March 14, 2014

Not alone...

Let's enjoy this brilliant song for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.The music video was directed by Grigor Gasparyan, the actors being Diana Malenko and Vahag Martirosyan. The music of Not Alone was written by Aram himself, while the author of the lyrics is Aram’s best friend Garik Papoyan.The message of the song is: “You should never give up and always fight for love. One kiss can change everything.”

I'm just floating away.. the lyrics..the Adorable..
Here's one more opportunity to enjoy this talented artist performing the beautiful cover of the winning song of last year's Eurovision Song contest . 

Now,let's take a look at Aram's background..
Aram Sargsyan (Armenian: Արամ Սարգսյան; born 5 April 1984), better known by his stage name Aram Mp3 (Արամ Mp3), is an Armenian singer-songwriter, comedian, showman and actor. He will represent Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen,Denmark.

Aram Sargsyan was born in Armenia's capital Yerevan. He attended the Yerevan State Medical University and graduated in 2006. During his study at the YSMU, he played in the КВН comedy show, first among Armenian universities and later in the Armenian teamArarat in Moscow.

In 2006, Aram joined several other comedians—largely unknown to the public—to form 32 Atam (32 Teeth) stand-up comedy show. During his first years in 32 Atam he often performed humorous covers of popular songs earning the nickname "Aram Mp3", referring the common audio format MP3.

In 2007 he became the winner of Armenian First Channel's 2 Astgh (2 Stars) program.
During this time Aram started to perform live in jazz and blues clubs, record songs and shoot music videos. Famous TV formats such as X Factor, Armenian Idol, My Name Is...,Power Of 10 were hosted by him and brought him more fame. In 2010 Aram and his friends creating Vitamin Club.He has since also several shows in Armenia TV.

On 31 December 2013, Aram Mp3 was selected by Armenian First Channel to represent Armenia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Denmark. On 14 March 2014 it was announced that Aram will sing his "Not Alone" song in Copenhagen.Aram is married to Anna Margaryan since April 2008. Their son was born on June, 2011.

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