Thursday, September 11, 2014

If I were a boy.......

Boys... They always need it all - care,loving, space,understanding,respect....... 
Hey!!!! What about us?? Girls..Who said we're always about to give, to show concern,to be there when you need?....Who said??? Things are not going this way guys

So now, just take your seats, clear you minds and concentrate at what's right about being a REAL MAN!!!

I actually never understand those, who act like a boss. Easy man, easy...It's not a's just our life and you need to be sure you're not messing things up, as most do.

Be easy...Never take too much if you can't handle. It's not about impressing your's about being who you truly are - that's the most powerful impression you can make!

Never hurt!! Actually you hurt girls too much, even without realizing..So when it comes to hurting by purpose think twice, because they really bear too much..Their tolerance is boundless..though it doesn't mean you should take them to the limits..NO!!

Be sure you are attentive enough..That's really important..A girl always pays attention at what you notice in others, and want to accept more when it comes to her..Every single word can make a difference - positive or negative depends on what you exactly mean...

Never stop loving..Be a team..Don't cheat..Remember - thousands of girls out there, having sexy legs, deep beautiful eyes or blond hair..they all don't have what your girl does..She has your heart in hers...So think twice before comparing..chasing others..cheating..
You hurt yourself …

P.S. I'd definitely make it all right..  Oh my..I'd be perfect..haha..

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