Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Plans for today

Hey!This is my first post in this blog...Am I excited? haha, not much:)I was just thinking about what am I going to do today to brighten my day and make it special..So why not share my plans with you?The thing is, that I always have that strong wish  to keep growing...day by day I want to see myself standing one step closer to my goals and  dreams...Stability's just not for me..This word describes everything  I do my best to avoid! People sometimes say that I'm moving against the ordinary life, against nature... Well that's me, and if wanting   more and learning as much as it is possible for a person, and wanting people to be true to themselves firstly and then to others, and wanting to make my days full of interesting and USEFUL stuff  means moving against  the reality that we live in, well then,okay, I'll keep moving forward against the rules that keep our ORDINARY life in such a stability!

People always "have to" "have to" "have to".. We always MUST do things to keep the circle going...Why not make that circle go round with positivity? So, okay, let's not get to deep into pathethic stuff  about how we should live and etc... I'm going to make my plans for today. I'm not gonna lie and tell that I  was able to be strong enough to avoid falling into sneaky winter weight gain traps! I began to use a bit more space in the mirror than my eyes were used to))) Well  frankly it doesn't bother me a lot, people even say that I got better somehow... well great!! I gained some weight,  I am not stressed out and not gonna be :) I just mentioned the weight gain stuff to say, that it'd be great to eat healthy and then go out, breath and take a sweet walk with sweet people....Regarding my further plans I'll just add that I'm going to take yoga classes. I'm looking forward to it, cause I sometimes do yoga at home and it's just something that gives you all that you need to feel great! It perfectly tones and leans you out, cleans your head and fills your mind with positive attitude about everything...

I want to make something tasty today)) Maybe something sweet a chocolate cake for example) I know I indulge in dessert  maybe a bit more than I should.:) I love eating everything that just cheers me up))) The top list of that things includes chocolate,without which I can't imagine my life, ice-cream, mmm...yummy...))), and  just don't smile , taddaaaaaa - the oatmeal)) It may seem strange to some people that I enjoy eating oatmeal cause not many like the taste of it, but I just feel great when I eat it topped with some honey, milk or pieces of fruits and feel good, being sure that it's healthy and will simply keep me fit!Well, yes, I am a heath nut! Some of my friends say that people usually count the calories in their food, but I enjoy counting the vitamins with which my meals are enriched. Well, of course that doesn't mean that I eat organic and all, I also enjoy eating at restaurants and,cooking as well.

So, today, i guess, is going to be one of those days, when I cook something for my family and friends.So here's my plan for today.. As I am still at my workplace, that just means I have 6 more hours to decide what to cook today..I announce that today is a cooking day for me, we'll eat tasty and healthy(what i'll do my best for), then it'd be great to watch an interesting movie with some friends or  go out for a walk  if we'll still be alive after dinner made by me, hahaha)))) 

p.s. the weather outside is perfect..there comes the sun, hooraaay, I guess we'll go take a walk after  fueling up with  my chedeuvre:D

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